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We live in a mobile society. With laptop computers and smartphones, busy executives can transact business in any location.

Executives and other mobile workers need solutions that give them an office anywhere - an "office in a pocket."

PlanOn Systems Solutions, Inc. is the world leader in scanning and printing solutions for the mobile professional. We provide the award-winning technology that makes the "office in a pocket" a reality.

The DocuPen full-page portable scanner provides the ultimate in efficiency, flexibility and versatility by enabling anyone to scan documents, anywhere.

The PrintStik Bluetooth-enabled printer provides on-demand printing without having to hunt for an AC outlet, or even a computer. The DocuPen and PrintStik can be linked together easily to form a photocopier-type solution.

Our products are sold online, in traditional retail stores, and through a network of resellers.

For mobile executives, real estate professionals, and other on-the-go knowledge workers, the DocuPen and PrintStik provide them with the convenience of their office wherever they are.

PlanOn continues to develop many new and innovative mobile solutions which will revolutionize the "Office in a Pocket" concept. "Redefining The Way We Work" is not only the company slogan, but the company mission statement!

Awards & Achievements

Guiness Book
World's Smallest Lightest-Weight A4 Portable Scanner
retail vision
Triple Nominations at the RetailVision® 2003 tradeshow for Best New Technology and Best New Product in the Hardware and Peripheral categories.
PC Editor Choice
Whoever at Planon was responsible for calling the DocuPen RC800 series a pen scanner did the product a tremendous disservice. The DocuPen looks less like a pen than a baton—or, better yet, a magic wand—and it doesn't work like a traditional pen scanner either. Take it from me, that's a good thing.