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PlanOn brings you "Office-in-a-Pocket" Solutions

PlanOn brings you "Office-in-a-Pocket" Solutions. Why be inconvenienced when you are away from your office or home by not having the devices you need. Our objective was to make your ‘office’ easy and convenient to take with you anywhere. Our DocuPen scanners and PrintStik printers are both full page and the smallest in the world making it easy to take with your laptop or Blackberry, Android or Win Mobile device. And now we have just added our SlimScan credit card sized scanner that can fit into your wallet along with your credit cards. This provides the ultimate in portability to scan your receipts, business cards, pictures, articles etc. Comes with powerful receipt organizing and image software. Choose the tabs below to explore more about how our products will make your life easier and more efficient

PlanOn brings you the "office-in-a-pocket" solution. When you're ready to hit the road, put your laptop in your briefcase along with your DocuPen full-page scanner and your PrintStik full-page printer. They're each about a quarter of the size of your laptop, function fully on their own, and are powered by rechargeable batteries.The combination of PrintStik and the DocuPen Color Portable Scanner a potent “double win” for consumers. “Separately, these technologies are very useful. Used together, DocuPen and the PrintStik give consumers a complete ‘Office in a Pocket.’ DocuPen scanner captures the content or input, while the PRINTSTIK mobile printer provides the output or printed page,”

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Optimize your mobile solutions with the new ScanStik. It’s like having a desktop scanner in the palm of your hand. Never miss an opportunity to capture the information you need again.

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Whether it is from your laptop, BlackBerry®, Android ,PocketPC or Mobile PC print what you need, when you need it, with the convenience that you have always wanted.

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Scanner that fits in your wallet so you have it when you need it. Never lose a receipt again, miss capturing the info you want – pictures, recipes, business cards, magazine articles, web addresses. Also is a USB memory stick for storing files too.

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