The World's Smallest Mobile Printer!

Planon PrintStik with Mobile Enhanced application is the Smallest Full Page Portable Bluetooth Printer with self contained paper on the market. This PrintStik not only connects to your laptop but also connects to your Blackberry, Android ,WinMobile smart phones via wireless Bluetooth technology. The trend to mobile solutions is growing with laptops getting smaller and cell phones turning into computers. The concept of portable printers is not new…. but few people actually bring it with them – reason… it's too big and cumbersome. The need to print away from your office is there but the convenient solution is not, up until now. The PrintStik is remarkably small, only about 1”x2”x11” with 20 pages of paper inside making it easy to carry in a coat pocket, laptop or netbook bag, or purse. Planon is at the forefront in providing mobile ‘office in a pocket' solutions with the PrintStik printer and in completing this concept with the DocuPen ‘Pen-sized' Full Page Scanner. The PrintStik is rechargeable and does not use ink or toner, which both are expensive and potentially messy when travelling. We incorporated thermal technology, which for this purpose is ideal allowing for trouble-free instant monochrome printing on our 7 year rated paper.Planon's Mobile Enhanced driver includes a print server service for your BlackBerry or Android to now print full size Web Pages, most any Attachment, as well as emails, maps, pictures, address book fast and easy, as well with Win Mobile. Consider the ability to print from your laptop or smart phone anywhere and conveniently… in your hotel room – not having to go to a business center; a boarding pass avoiding lineups; show ticket or receipt; a letter, agreement or invoice on the spot; a forgotten document emailed to you. Hard to see it on your smartphone? print it and see it they way you want. The freedom to conveniently print in your car, café, airport, lobby, hotel is here. Planon is at the forefront in providing mobile ‘office in a pocket' solutions with the PrintStik printer and in completing this concept with the DocuPen ‘Pen-sized' Full Page Scanner.

To install on your Blackberry (up to OS ver. 6.0) please copy this link:

Office printer in a pocket

software included to print from:

  • Android, BlackBerry via Bluetooth
  • Win Mobile PocketPC via Bluetooth
  • Windows and Mac via USB
  PS900 PS905ME PS910ME PS950ME
Nylon Zipper Case
USB Cable
Wall Charger
Paper Cartridge 1 1 1 1
Installation Guide
User Manual
Quickstart Guide
12v Automobile Adapter
Price $19999 $29999 $30999 $39999
3 cartridges preloaded cartridges 20 pages each for quick refill on the go for your PrintStik, never run out of paper again! great value $29.99 BUY NOW
Never worry about your PrintStik/DocuPen running out of juice ever again!Our new Universal Mobile Charger is designed to give the DocuPen/PrintStik extra runtime so it can serve you even better. You no longer have to worry about limited battery capacity.
$69.99 BUY NOW
  • Print Resolution: 100 - 400 dpi (PS950 - 600 dpi)
  • Print Speed: Up to 3 PPM
  • Connection Type: USB (Bluetooth™ for models PS905ME, PS910ME and PS950ME)
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Connectivity:

    Connectivity: via USB- Windows, Mac OSX,  via Bluetooth- Android with Printhand* software, BlackBerry™ and WinMoble PocketPC

    *Planon has teamed up with Dynamix Software to create an Android driver for our PrintStik Bluetooth Printers. Please visit the following site for more info and downloading.

The PlanOn PrintStik provides a unique solution for mobile executives, field workers, students, and anyone who prints away from the office. Using this revolutionary small, battery-operated printer, you can print regular-sized sheets of paper anywhere.

There's no need for external power or messy ink cartridges. PrintStik is self-contained, and connects to your laptop or smartphone through USB or Bluetooth (selected models).

For even more options, connection the PrintStik to our DocuPen portable scanner. You can use the DocuPen to scan documents directly to the PrintStik. It's a photocopier that fits in your briefcase!

PrintStik empowers you to print receipts, proposals, plans, or any document where you need them, when you need them. Along with the DocuPen, it's an integral part of your office-in-a-pocket.

LED Display