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Newsweek Review "…even the smallest desktop scanners need to remain, well, on your desk. The DocuPen is a portable pen-size scanner that can hold up to 100 pages…"
PC MAG Editor's Choice Review A magic wand—and it doesn't work like a traditional pen scanner either.The DocuPen looks less like a pen than a baton—or, better yet, Take it from me, that's a good thing.
user Review “I have never thought it would have been possible to carry a scanner in my purse and scan pages of documents without turning on my laptop. Makes it quick and easy to scan my client’s information right on the spot.”
user testimonial Review "It wasn't convenient for our workers to lug the heavy devices into foster homes parents' homes. ...." Dunn Center knew there had to be a better way to capture these documents, They found it in planon's DocuPen, "The small, lightweight device was perfect for our social workers " Solution - Dunn Center deployed the planon DocuPen to all its field workers to be able to collect data for later download at the office
NBC TV Review "Like a squeegee across your windshield, the DocuPen from Planon System Solutions picks up words and graphics right off the printed page. A one page scan takes about 4 seconds." "Unlike other models of handheld scanners that capture text word-by-word, DocuPen captures the whole page in seconds." "DocuPen could be useful for anyone needing a portable scanner - students, lawyers, graphic artists, real estate agents - even light office use."
MoneySense Review " need something that's both practical and cool. DocuPen fits the bill on both counts. This portable scanner is not much bigger than a pen, yet it can scan an entire letter-sized page of text or graphics in just four seconds."
The New York Times Review "Photocopiers work well for capturing images of conventional materials like book chapters and income tax returns. But if you want that image in digital form, for editing, e-mailing or just filing away on a disk, a scanner works better. A new hand-held scanner from Planon Systems Solutions, the DocuPen, can scan a page eight inches wide in a single sweep and store it in its memory to be downloaded to a computer at your convenience."
The Globe and Mail Review "Remarkably tiny; has memory capacity for more than 100 scanned pages of text; extremely portable." "It will indeed fit in a pocket, though, and it's a marvel of miniaturization." "After a couple of dozen scans I was a pro, able to scan perfectly pretty much every time." "While the image quality of the DocuPen is pretty basic, it the highest quality portable scanner I've come across so far. It's also straightforward to use after you've put in a little practic. The DocuPen is ultra-portable, and it gets the job done for people who need quick scans of text, photos and graphics."
MarketNews Review "…and it appeals to various groups, such as business executives, lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, sales people, construction workers, architects, engineers, accountants, insurance adjusters, government, teachers, and students." Review I can't tell you how many times people were truly impressed (and they couldn't all have been lying all of the time) by my ability to scan something so quickly and easily. The DocuPen R700 or one of its siblings has so many uses that its hard to imagine how a busy professional or student couldn't justify the expense within a few weeks of use. Review "A sci-fi inspired pen-size scanner that can capture an entire page of text and graphics in four seconds and can store as many as 100 pages in 2 megabytes of flash memory. Real-world business app: Like a pocket-size photographic memory, the pen scanner lets road warriors capture everything from business cards to, ahem, classified documents that can't be copied."
Business 2.0 Review "This little device is the fastest and easiest way yet to take copious notes from the road. The pen scanner is so double agent. Though this one is closer to the size of a quill, or to one of those gag pens with some kitschy gewgaw at the end, it can still be easily stashed in a purse or briefcase. Portable scanners are no breaking news, I realize, but what made me look twice at the DocuPen is its ability to scan a full page of text and graphics in four to six seconds -- a Seabiscuit-like pace." Review Planon RC805 DocuPen Full Page Color Scanner Awarded Best Pen Scanner
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