"ScanStik with VoiceNotes"

Now a New Concept in Efficiency

Planon’s newest innovation takes communication efficiency to a new level with the ScanStik SK600V with VoiceNotes and Bluetooth connectivity.

Planon designs the World’s Smallest, Full Page Color Scanners for the most convenient use.

In addition to having a rechargeable battery, MicroSD card slot, USB connector and 600DPI scanning system, we have added a microphone and speaker all in its small elegant profile.

Scan and store up to 1,000s of images when you add a MicroSD memory card and connect with USB to your PC or Mac. Use the Bluetooth connection to transfer to most mobile phones and tablets then store and choose to store or send.

The VoiceNote’s function allows you to record an instruction, addendum, or comments and send them with the image. This is an efficient way to send to your messages especially from a mobile phone where texting can be more awkward. Your VoiceNote message will also add a nice personal touch that sometimes gets lost in texting.

We packed more value into our scanner –and made it fast and easy to use.

Work times and places are being redefined with more people needing to get things done on the road and away from the convenience of their office. Planon allows you to bring your office with you with the ScanStik scanner and also the Planon PrintStik pocket size printer completes the ‘Office in a Pocket’ solution.

The DocuPen is your tool to help you become more organized and efficient for many uses: use it to quickly scan a signed document at your desk and email it – rather than finding a scanner somewhere in your office; use in your hotel room –rather than find a business office; real estate, banking and insurance sales professionals can scan needed identification and documents right at their client’s home – and save time and have important backup; great to capture images when on holidays like a menu, or wine bottle label, handy way to make a digital copy of receipts and tax records and filings (some even scan checks as they send them, since most banks no longer return paper checks with statements); experts recommend saving those images on a CD in case there’s ever a challenge. Every person we know who owns a DocuPen tends to find new reasons to use it. Abbyy Finereader SE a professional level OCR software and in addition PaperPort SE software is included which is a great image editing and organizing tool for all your letters, receipts, pictures, business card and also integrates with your outlook, word, excel and other applications making your life more efficient.

For the Mobile Professional

Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance agents and many other professionals need to capture documents at court, clients offices or homes, or wherever they are. Getting the job done efficiently is paramount. So now scan a document – and rather than taking the time to type separately on a mobile device – just add a VoiceNote right then and don’t chance forgetting some important points. You can use for your own reference, send them to a co-worker to act upon or to a client.

For the Home Office or at your Work

Have the convenience of a scanner right at your desk.
Fast and Easy to scan, send to computer and email attachments.
At home use it for capturing expense receipts for taxes, pictures, important personal docs like insurance, wills, report cards, warranty info etc. and organize in the software included. Don’t lose money by missing another receipt again. Then just add a VoiceNote when desired to add additional information and personal touch to the image.

For the Student

Just scan the pages you need from a book or article without having to borrow it. Collaborate with other students on projects and scan and share info quickly. Even scan notes from missed days. And adding VoiceNotes makes sure you get all the info you need on the spot.

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Record VoiceNote
Multi-Page Scan Mode
Selectable File Compression
OLED Bright Function Display
Selectable Resolutions and Formats
Re-Chargeable Battery
Free Firmware Upgrades
Carry Case
USB Cable
CD-ROM Installation Disk
ABBYY FineReader SE OCR Software
Quick Start Guide


  • Resolution: 150, 300, 600 DPI
  • Scan: 24bit Color JPG, B&W TIF
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 0.6x0.8 inch (23.5x1.5x2.0 cm)
  • Weight: 2oz (56g)
  • Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer
  • Memory: MicroSD card slot (need to purchase memory separately)
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
  • Platforms:Windows OS, MacOSX
    And smart phones and tablets with OBEX Bluetooth transfer protocol : including Android, BlackBerry, WinMobile and most phones except Iphone.

Scanning Made Easy

The ScanStik with click and scan fast function combined with Abbyy and Paperport software to help you organize and edit information in seconds.

Step 1: Scan

Press On-button then roll down page. If more pages desired scan again before auto-off.

slim scan

Step 2: Add VoiceNote

If desired confirm to add VoiceNote. Then record your message.

slim scan

Step 3: Transfer

Connect with USB cable (or can use Bluetooth) and it will open in a Directory – select the files to transfer or view files with the default viewer. Image and voice files are associated and downloaded together.

slim scan

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Step 4: View Listen and Email

View image and listen to VoiceNote if desired then send.

slim scan

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Information Display:

When you turn on the scanner you automatically see the battery level, Free Memory, Resolution DPI, Color or B&W.

slim scan

Selectable Functions:

You can change settings of Color or B&W, DPI 150-600, and keep up to date with firmware upgrades at any time by pressing the selection buttons.

slim scan

slim scan

slim scan

slim scan

Manage: Organize, Edit, OCR (convert to text)

Software included make organizing and editing your images, important documents fast and easy!

slim scan

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OCR Made Easy:

Now take your text images and convert them to editable files like MS Word with Professional level accuracy.

slim scan

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