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Frequently Asked Question

This section primarily deals with questions related to Planon's handheld portable scanner the DocuPen.


  • What is recommended to get a good scan?
  • Place documents on clean, flat, hard surface for scanning. Ensure that rollers are facing towards you and that scans are down from the top of a document and down towards you. Place a little pressure on the rollers to ensure proper tracking.

  • What can be the maximum length and width of a scan?
  • The DocuPen handheld scanner can scan books/documents up to 36" long in one scan, but the width can only be a maximum of approximately 8". PaperPort allows you to merge images together for basic needs of putting a larger document together. There are other 3rd party software available to do better merging and stitching. One suggestion would be Adobe Photoshop.


  • Can specific portions of the data stored in the DocuPen be removed?
  • No, specific portions of scanned data cannot be removed selectively from the DocuPen handheld scanner. When you clear the handheld scanner's memory bank, all data is cleared. You can selectively choose certain scanned data you want to save upon download in the Twain Penscanner Control Window before clearing the memory.


DocuPen Operation

  • I cannot get the DocuPen to be recognized by the PaperPort software during download.
  • Please go through our quick check list below to try to resolve this issue, but if you are still having problems getting your DocuPen handheld scanner to be recognized then please contact our Toll Free technical support line at 1-877-DOCUPEN.

    1. Check the actual connections between the USB or Serial cables to the DocuPen handheld scanner, check that the stereo jack plug is all the way in the DocuPen.
    2. Check the wire connection as well at the computer side. Try switching USB ports, as that sometimes may resolve connection issues.
    3. Check the version of the DocuPen handheld scanner, as the 2003 version USB requires the Prolific 2003 Dirver & the cable only should be detected by the hardware wizard once plugged in the first time. Also check in the Device Manager for properly loaded and functional drivers. If they are not listed under the PORTS category, then they may not have been installed. Please install accordingly from the CD provided with the DocuPen portable scanner
    4. For the version manufactured in 2004, the driver is the "CP 2101 USB & UART bridge controller". Both the cable & the scanner must be plugged in to be recognized by your Windows Operating System.
    5. There can be other issues with Windows alone requiring various service packs, or updates, etc that may affect the recognition of the DocuPen.

    These are the basic areas to check first, of course in Windows XP & Windows 2000 you must be logged on as "Administrator, or Owner" and it is also recommended to temporarily disable any anti-virus software.

    Once again, if you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Toll Free technical support line 1-877-DOCUPEN.

  • How can I tell if a scan was done properly by theDocuPen?
  • The DocuPen's LED indicators will inform you whether or not errors were made during a scan. The main thing to watch is your speed, if you are too fast the RED LED will blink, slow down. Please note the tilt of your positioning of the DocuPen as well. If you are tilting the DocuPen up during a scan, then the scan will not turn out as desired.

DocuPen - ScanSoft PaperPort Software

  • What is PaperPort?
  • PaperPort software is a file management program that efficiently integrates with your computers existing programs for easy access and transfer.

  • Can I e-mail scanned documents immediately from PaperPort?
  • Yes! PaperPort integrates with your computer's e-mail client (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) therefore you can simply select on the document you want to send and then click on the e-mail icon at the bottom of the program and an e-mail composition window will appear.

  • Can I convert my scanned documents for word processing?
  • Yes! PaperPort integrates with your computer's word processing programs (Microsoft Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) and with a built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability, it allows for one to convert a scanned image into editable text. The original data must be printed text, as hand written information will not be easily recognized.

  • Can I use the OCR function to convert a language other than English to editable text?
  • The OCR will recognize the English alphabet and all languages that use the English alphabets should pose no problem unless they use characters and symbols not in the English alphabet. You may consider getting third party OCR software for the language of your choice for best results, which will be compatible with the DocuPen handheld scanner.

    If your native Windows Operating System is in one of these 10 Languages; Brazilian, English, French, Italian, German. Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish. Then PaperPort will automatically load the version that the native Windows Program detects. This will allow you to edit in the native language as well.

    Also coming in the Fall 2004 - OCR support for Asian languages including Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Japanese, & Korean.