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Return Policy

The following return policy applies only to purchases made from our website or from Planon System Solutions Inc. If you have purchased our products from a local retailer or from one of the e-tailers, the returns will be subject to their policies guidelines. Please check with your retailer or e-tailer for details.

NOTE: You are entitled for a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of shipment, should you not like the DocuPen for any reason. If you have any questions regarding your return please feel free to contact us at planon@planon.com , rma@planon.com or 905-507-3926.

What is the Return Policy Procedures for the DocuPen?

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that you get a credit to your account or an exchange unit as preferred under our return policy.

  1. Obtain Prior Authorization:
    Please call Planon System Solutions Inc. at 905-507-3926 or at rma@planon.com to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before proceeding with your return. Planon does not accept any units without a valid RMA Number. Please also provide Planon with your invoice information along with serial numbers of the product for return under the return policy, A restocking charge of 50% will be charged for unauthorized RMAS.
  2. Location of Return:
    All returns procedure will be handled at the source of purchase. Should there be a dispute at source, customers are requested to mail in complaints to Planon management in writing about the dispute. Planon management will give due consideration about the matter and will attempt to resolve the case in discussion with the resellers, e-tailers or retailers.
  3. Provide Proof of Purchase:
    For all returns, you must have original invoice or packing slip to prove the purchase. We only accept returns of items, in the original box with all accessories, warranty cards, owner's manuals, etc. within 30 days for an exchange or refund under our Return Policy.
  4. Time Span Awareness:
    Please allow 4-8 weeks from the date we receive the return for credit, the credit will not include the shipping charges incurred for the original shipment.
  5. Shipment Method:
    Planon's responsibility is only upon receipt of the unit to our location. Please contact Planon System Solutions Inc., at 905-507-3926 regarding where to send your unit for repair/replacement under the warranty. It is the responsibility of our customers to insure that the unit arrives to us, please obtain proper tracking number for confirmation purposes and insurance. Customers will be responsible for any shipping costs to and from the location specified by Planon. Planon assumes no liability for loss or damage of the returned packages.

How and where do I ship the DocuPen once an RMA has been issued?

Kindly return your product with a Return Authorization Number Label (as provided by Planon in this format RTXXXX) included securely on the package to the location specified by Planon:

Once shipped, send an e-mail to Planon confirming the shipment along with the carrier used and the associated tracking number. Once we receive the item back at the warehouse, we will credit your account or send an exchange unit as preferred.

Please allow 4-8 weeks from the date we receive the returned product for credit, the credit will not include the shipping charges incurred for the original shipment.