DocuPen X Series

Planon’s DocuPen Xtreme X Series takes portable scanning power to a whole new level of productivity and professionalism. The Xtreme-series of scanners provides higher quality images, improved efficiency and functionality for today’s professional. The X05 has maintained the small ‘Pen-sized’ profile but now packs in a lot more with 200MHZ computer processor, 64 MB of fast SD Ram, with a microSD expansion slot that make this by far the fastest ever. Not only that, but now includes Bluetooth for easy sending to your Blackberry, Windows Mobile smart phones, Laptop and other devices. Image quality up to 600DPI utilizing Planon’s Crystal Line Contact technology provides extremely accurate imaging, that far exceed cameras and other portable scanners for professional reproductions of contracts, receipts, invoices, color pictures and more.

The DocuPen Xtreme is packed with many selectable functions that are displayed on a bright OLED screen. Users can now select file names, date and time, battery and memory levels, color and mono modes, compression level. Also has a copy function that can send an image directly to Planon’s PrintStik portable printer to help complete your ‘Office in a Pocket’ solution. DocuPen is your tool to help you become more organized and efficient for many uses: use it to quickly scan a signed document at your desk and email it – rather than finding a scanner somewhere in your office; use in your hotel room –rather than find a business office; real estate, banking and insurance sales professionals can scan needed identification and documents right at their client’s home – and save time and have important backup; great to capture images when on holidays like a menu, or wine bottle label, handy way to make a digital copy of receipts and tax records and filings (some even scan checks as they send them, since most banks no longer return paper checks with statements); experts recommend saving those images on a CD in case there’s ever a challenge. Every person we know who owns a DocuPen tends to find new reasons to use it. PaperPort SE software is included which is a great image editing and organizing tool for all your letters, receipts, pictures, business card and also integrates with your outlook, word, excel and other applications making your life more efficient.

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Office scanner in a pocket

software included to:

  • Organize
  • Scan
  • Email
  • OCR
  X05 X10 X50
Leather Case
USB Cable
PaperPort SE Software - learn more
CD-ROM Install Disc
Quickstart Guide
12v Automobile Adapter
ABBYY Professional level OCR Software - learn more
Executive Hard Case
Retractable USB Cable
Maximum Scanning Resolution 600 dpi 600 dpi 600 dpi
Scanner X05 Color Scanner X10 Color Scanner X50 Color 600 dpi Scanner
Price $36999 $38999 $43999
  • Resolution: 150 to 600 dpi (X50 - 600 dpi)
  • Memory: 64Mb, Flash Memory Upgradeable with optional MicroSD memory cards to 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Scan Modes: 24bit Color, Grayscale or Mono

OLED Display